Efficient covering of roughage with the Easy Silage rail system

The rail system rides in a trough on the silo wall. It is mounted on the wall with special brackets. The walls of the silo must be at least 20 cm thick. There is also the possibility to adjust the height of the machine so that you can drive under the roller during ensilage. Covering the silage is done in the same way as described for the gantry system.

Nowadays, many livestock farmers choose to change their silage process and enlarge their trench silos. The various grass cuts are ensiled on top of each other. The cover system covers the silage easily and quickly. The sealing roller lying on the cut surface of the forage provides a tight seal and prevents the tarp from blowing up. The sealing roller also ensures that no heating occurs. As a result, you will have consistently optimal forage quality throughout the feeding period.

The water system

In addition to the cover machine and cover sheet, a good water supply is an important component. For example, during most of the year you can use fresh water, whether or not from a nearby ditch. When it starts to freeze you will need to use salt water so that the hoses and pipes do not get frozen.

The water system ensures even filling of the water hoses. The hoses provide downward pressure on the rug and the vertical pressure also seals the side well. The hoses are connected to an automatic overflow system. When unloading, you roll back the rug, automatically storing the water or returning it to the ditch. When filling the water hoses, the pump automatically shuts off when all hoses are filled.


Benefits of the Easy Silagerail system

The best type of lasagne silage

Faster and more efficient ensilage: within 30 minutes

Constant optimum forage quality

1 person can roll up and unroll the gantry system

Prevents heating

Fully automatic covering and unrolling with remote control

Cost-saving in labor and material

Easy to implement on almost every trench silo

Fast, efficient, simple

Reliable all year round