Efficient covering of roughage with the Easy Silageportal system

The gantry system is suitable for silos up to a width of 26 meters. The machine drives alongside the silo walls.

Standard features
LED lighting
Steering correction
CE mark

After you have ensiled, sealing the trench silo is a simple job. You roll the tarp over the roughage. Then you connect the cover sheet to the fill overflow water system. You turn on the water pump with automatic level control and about an hour later the cover sheet is filled with water. The water system ensures even filling of the water hoses.

Optimum forage quality

The sealing roller lying on the cut surface of the forage ensures a tight seal and prevents the cover from blowing up. The sealing roller also ensures that no scalding occurs. The system can be filled with salt water in the winter. This allows the system to function optimally even in winter conditions.

Drive options
Mains power
Generator/petrol or diesel
External source/tractor-shovel

Remote control
From a platform


Advantages of the Easy Silage gantry system

The best way to silage lasagne

Faster and more efficient ensilage: within 30 minutes

Constant optimum forage quality

One person can roll up and unroll the portal system

Fully automatic covering and unrolling with remote control

Cost saving in labor and material

Easy to implement on almost every trench silo

Fast, efficient, simple