Optimal roughage with
lasagne silage from

Easy Silage

With an Easy Silage cover system, dairy farmers store their roughage optimally by using a sealing cover and water system that perfectly seals the roughage. By quickly and properly sealing the roughage, it can perfectly convert to a high-quality product.

We promote the lasagne principle, which allows a constant and balanced ration to be fed to cows throughout the year. Without ration fluctuations, cows are healthier, the result more milk yield and less (vet) costs.

Covering or opening a trench silo can be done by 1 person. Our smart cover systems are equipped with self-correcting steering, fully automatic with a remote control with battery energy, powered by solar panels.

We are also happy to sit down with you to provide you with advice, feed capacity calculations, permit procedures, and the choice of an Easy Silage product that suits you.

Together we go for results!

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Silage with
minimum labour input

Easy Silage is the cover specialist from the dairy province of the Netherlands, Friesland.

Through years of experience and product knowledge of the various partners in the field, a product has been created which can be tailor-made for the customer.

The Easy Silage cover systems are suitable for silos up to 100 meters long and 25 meters wide and are easy to operate by remote control. Because every company is unique, a tailor-made cover system is composed.


The perfect silage cover system
that pays for itself

Constant optimum forage quality

Higher milk production

Cost savings in labor and materials

Faster and more efficient loading and unloading: within 30 minutes

Fully automatic covering and unrolling with remote control

Investment recouped within 5 years

What our customers have to say

“Goed bedrijf!!
Denkt met je mee.”

Anja Vernooij

“Professioneel en innovatief

Durk Wijnia