Efficient forage harvesting with the Easy Silage Nicolaes D.drive

The entire power unit of the machine is fully detachable, and can be used for multiple portals.

The unit (dolly) is equipped with all components needed to drive and control the machine. This dolly is easy to disconnect and connect, by 1 person, and easy to move from one silo to another.

The machine is standard equipped with the unique EasySilage drive system and steering correction. With 1 power unit it is possible to drive/control multiple machines (different widths).

This is unique, saves money and is patented!

The pioneer behind the name

The name of this product comes from Mr. Nicolaas Willem den Boer. Nicolaas and his son Wilco den Boer from Benschop were the first to purchase this new system.

However, before the delivery in spring 2022, Nicolaas (Nico) died suddenly in February.

As a tribute to this pioneer, we have incorporated his name into our new product.


Advantages of the Easy Silage Nicolaes D.drive

MWith 1 power unit driving/controlling multiple machines (different widths).

Faster and more efficient silage ensilage: within 30 minutes

Constant optimum forage quality

Fast, efficient, simple

Simple to connect and disconnect by 1 person

Cost-saving in labor and material

Cheaper than other systems

The best way to ensile lasagne