Efficient covering of roughage
with the Easy Silage gantry system with roller

With this trench silo covering system, covering roughage is done in no time and without heavy labor.

This innovative system was developed for dairy farmers with multiple silos. Here we assume silos with a maximum width of 17 meters, where the farmer can operate with 1 machine the silo where he is unloading and the silo where he wishes to ensile, simultaneously. The space between the silos should be min. 1.5 meters, so that the covering machine can drive along the silo walls. The machine is height adjustable, allowing you to change the roller and also drive under the roller where necessary and/or practical. For silos with a maximum width of 15 meters, you can also choose the option to adjust the machine in width (up to max. 2.5 meters).

LED lighting
Steering correction
CE mark

During the ensiling process, the machine is driven from the silo from which it is fed to the silo in which it is ensiled. Each silo has a change roller, which is picked up or dropped by the machine. By rolling the roller on the feed silo far enough away, you can continue to feed during ensiling.

Optimum forage quality

The sealing roller that lies on the cutting surface of the feed ensures a good seal and prevents the tarpaulin from blowing up. The sealing roller also ensures that no heating occurs. The system can be filled with salt water in the winter. This allows the system to function optimally even in winter conditions.

Drive options
Net power
Generator/petrol or diesel
External source/tractor-shovel

Remote control
From a platform


Benefits of the Easy Silagegantry system with change roller

The best way of lasagne silage

Faster and more efficient ensilage: within 30 minutes

Constant optimum forage quality

One person can roll up and unroll the gantry system

Fully automatic covering and unrolling with remote control

Cost saving in labor and material

Easy to implement on virtually any trench silo

1 system for multiple silos