Safe System

Folding curtain, closing from the bottom up


Turning the top bar which is directly connected to a powerful 380-volt electric drive, will move the aluminium tube with the canvas attached in compartments up or down. Hems divide the opening into compartments of about 60 cm each. Rods of 0.5 inch in diameter are inserted into the hems for strength and stability. The system comes with an inner and an outer bracket as standard to prevent the canvas from touching any (optional) bird screen/windbreak mesh that could cause damage and sticking.


The system comes with a powerful 380-volt electric drive, which is directly connected to the top bar. No bottom drive has been installed to prevent the motor from losing power. The main advantage of the system is its ability to control more than 100 metres of canvas without interruption, using only one electric drive. The covers at either end of the safe system come with a 70 cm wide canvas hood, usually in the colour of the folding curtain. That is why the safe system is low maintenance with a long service life. Not surprisingly, Airkoe offers a 5-year full warranty on this system!

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